Back To Work With Proverb "Theatre Of Hand Sanitising" • Luxe Spa Sanitiser & treatment ideas of how to use it theatrically • Motion Sensor Spray Sanitiser Machines (that look good!) • Eco Biodegradable Welcome Cloth Systems The Proverb Sanitiser is 70% alcohol so matches all hospital grade and beauty industry regulations for the C-19 new world. What can we do? 1. LUXE Spa level Sanitiser to ensure it doesn’t feel like going to a hospital when clients come back to our buildings. It smells amazing. 2. REFILLABLE so helping your sustainability plans. 3. ONE FOR ONE. When your clients buy a retail size 50 ml or 250ml we donate one to our charity partners. This includes Hygiene Bank who are putting the Sanitisers into schools for children in need and the Air Ambulance. All the pilots have our Sanitiser. So, you have an additional marketing message for your clients. 4. AVAILABLE. We have invested in large stocks so we can dispatch next day. Trade prices for salons/ spas/ therapists. It comes in 50ml/250ml/1 litre/ 5 litre. 5. SPA THEATRE. Proverb has always had very theatrical treatment elements and so Kirstie has been working hard on everything you need to make this process beautiful. A few ideas are attached. - Ideas on where to include the Sanitiser in treatments - Motion Sensor spray machines for the Sanitiser - Eco Cloth biodegradable welcome towel concept. THEATRE OF HAND SANITISING- HOW TO ADD TO TREATMENTS To be clear - we were all sanitising already. We just need to show people how good the spa, gym and hotel industry is at this. 2. Our brand was built to do this theatrically but it is time to share and expand this. 3. It needs to all be visible but not functional. It needs to be luxe and built into protocols. The team needs to be trained with talk tracks to make it seem like we are using sanitiser as part of our hotel/ spa/gym client journey and experience and as part of how we differentiate ourselves. MANICURE- ADDITIONAL IDEAS 1. Open and close the treatment with MIST- spray the Proverb Sanitiser around the desk in front of the client and explain the aroma ‘this is wild peppermint, eucalyptus, geranium and lavender which have anti- bacterial properties and really help you focus and feel more positive’. Tell them to take 4 deep breaths. 2. Use the Proverb Sanitiser to clean their and your hands. Options Inc. - Just spraying - Using on hot mitts or cold ice mitts if warm outside - Therapist to explain- ‘this is a 70% alcohol hand sanitiser which you can also use at home, and it is refillable so you save single use plastic’ 3. Do full service 4. Mist to close- end by spraying around the desk and client again. PEDICURE & FOOT RITUALS Same as manicure but spraying around the bowl and towel where feet are. Final close mist around the client’s head and shoulders.   Shop Proverb.    Want to learn more? Register your interest for our Luxe Spa Sanitisation Webinar! Register here