We Asked Our Educator… Introducing Jade Evangelou, long-term industry professional with a passion for ensuring a safe and fair environment for other workers in the industry by providing them with up to date and accurate training. Jade has been a nail technician for over 25 years and has been using Artistic Nail Design for nearly 9 years, she truly is an expert in all things Artistic! So we sat down for a chat with Jade to find out a bit more about Artistic and her experience using the products.   How long have you been using Artistic for and what is it you like about the brand and the systems? I have been working with Artistic Nail design for almost 9 years now. When I first opened my salon I selected brands to test. The Artistic colours and acrylic system stood out by far in quality than the rest did. My natural progression is to pass on my knowledge to others, and I was over the moon when, 6 years ago, I was offered a position of Educator for Louella Belle who distribute this fantastic brand in the UK.   What is your favourite system to use and the look you like to create? I love ALL systems that Artistic offer but my favourite is Rock Hard L&P, it is so easy to use, especially when I am doing extreme length nails for shoots.   Have there been any new Artistic products that have been a game changer for you? I absolutely love the Perfect Dip system, the industry was clearly missing something a little more robust than gel polish for those clients with particularly bendy nails. I mean, when we had clients that could never grow their nails or get a chip with gel polish a few days later, we changed them to Perfect Dip and it really was a game changer, they were able to last weeks with no chips and grow their nails nice and long. Nothing pleases me more than seeing those happy clients faces.   How would you best describe the difference between Artistic L&P/Putty /Hard Gel to your clients? How do you help them decide which system they’d best suit? Putty can be applied as an overlay on your natural nails, or as a nail enhancement. It is still cured under an LED light, but it is a lot lighter than acrylic. It also doesn’t have the very strong smell which acrylic has. However, if its strength you are after and particularly heavy with your hands then acrylic is for you. Acrylic when sculpted can keep its shape more, so is easier when sculpting long and extreme shapes.  Do you have any images of your recent work with these systems?