For the Beauty Industry especially, the current situation has had an impact on both our professional and personal lives. We asked our Educators, Abi and Sacha about their experience during lockdown and how things have changed since re-opening, in particular for their nail services.  
  • What do you feel has been the most popular treatment in your salon since re-opening and why do you think that is?
Sacha Currie says – I would say we are getting a lot of Artistic Colour Gloss manicures booked in as people have gotten used to their nails being a little shorter and just want them tidied up. Plus something fun to look at so we have gotten a few art requests too! Abi Simons says – Artistic Colour Gloss application is the most popular at the moment!  
  • Do you think there has been a change in treatments requested since the start of lockdown?
Sacha Currie says - Yes, some of our L&P clients have converted to gel polish as they have got used to shorter nails while at home. We are also getting more Footlogix bookings as people haven’t paid much attention to their feet. Abi Simons says - A lot of people seem to be converting from L&P to gel polish and seem to be enjoying gel polish more. Client’s nails have been product free throughout lockdown, and they have been able to enjoy natural nail care. Gel polish is the perfect treatment as it enhances the natural nail.  
  • How have you found starting up again since lockdown has eased? How has it impacted you and your clients?
Sacha Currie says - We have to be extremely organised so that everything flows nicely and safely. I have given my staff training and we have even had a run through of what the client experience would be. It will be a new challenge doing nails in more PPE than usual but I believe all of this will make our businesses better with safer practices for all. Abi Simons says - This is the most important aspect of the salon, more important than any service that you can offer. The more protection you can provide for the client the safer that the client feels. Personally for me as a therapist it shows an increase in care with the client. It has been challenging spacing clients and cleaning in between thoroughly but once I got in a rhythm it became a lot more manageable.  One other aspect of the business that has changed is pricing, I (and many other professionals) have had to increase my prices as I am not able to take in as many clients as before lockdown due to the current guidelines.  
  • How do you help your client decide on which service is best for them?
Sacha Currie says - I always start out by asking what they want to achieve for their nails, plus what they do for work can be very important. For example a nurse may not be able to get a long set of extensions but IBX and a nourishing manicure taking care of cuticles and skin would be perfect, especially as they use so much hand sanitisier! Its important to educate your clients on nail health and find out how often they would be visiting the salon. Setting realistic expectations of what service you could provide for them going forward is a good conversation to have too. Abi Simons says - Full consultation is needed so that the goal of the treatment can be discussed and we can find out if their lifestyle will suit that expectation. My clients particularly enjoy long-lasting reliable colour that doesn’t damage their natural nails – Artistic Colour Gloss is perfect for this.  
  • What did you do with your time during the lockdown whilst you couldn’t offer services ?
Sacha Currie says - I tried to stay creative and busy during lockdown by creating and delivering press on nails mainly for the regular clients that I know without their regular manicures, would be nibbling them down during a stressful time! They really became popular even to a few people that hadn't visited the salon before so it actually attracted new people to our socials! I hosted some live tutorials through the LB Instagram and also attended a few online workshops to keep my brain busy. It’s good to support your nail tech friends in the business and it forces you to paint and learn new skills. Abi Simons says - Before lockdown, I took a course in Fantasy Nail art and spent time then and during lockdown making a dragon out of acrylic and putty! I updated my accountancy skills and attended every covid course online available also finished off an Almond Nail course. I’m currently doing an online One Stroke Nail Art course. I reorganised my salon to keep up with the changes and even made some ‘stick on’ nails.