Over the last few months we have been asked questions about the Footlogix files, including grit and the differences between the two. Footlogix Professional Metal File has great benefits and is built just for you, the professional because:
  1. The pro file has a convex and a concave side. The retail file has a convex and a smooth side.
  2. The pro file is wider and by covering more area, feels like it is more effective.
  The Grit: The Footlogix Metal File is etched and as such can not be measured as standard grit number. Files with grit, function as abrasion, the metal foot file has a different function and action for removing callus. Grit is the number of abrasive grain particles per inch of sandpaper. The lower the grit, the bigger the grain and the coarser the sandpaper. Higher grit sandpaper has smaller grains. This means that it takes more grains to fill up a square inch, which helps give the nail file a smoother feel and are to be used as an abrasive action. The Footlogix Metal File starts with a solid piece of stainless steel and then with laser guidance and chemicals, the design is etched into the metal. Therefore, it cant be measured like an abrasive file. This is what distinguishes our file from all others.