With life slowly returning to normality it is isn’t uncommon to start to feel a little anxious about the thought of returning to work in these still uncertain times. The beauty industry is one in which we work in close proximity to our clients, so safety and wellness are bound to be of concern. Here at Louella Belle we understand that the thought of getting back into the stresses of daily life after a little time off can be daunting, so we have a few little tips to help you feel more relaxed and at ease prior to heading back! DO YOUR RESEARCH – If you have concerns about you and your client’s safety and hygiene upon returning to work do some research into the best possible steps and products to use to reduce this risk. Why not read through our Return To Work Guidelines to help you keep you informed and calm your concerns. FOCUS ON THE NOW – The anticipation of potential what if’s is what causes us to worry the most. Focus on what you can do now in order to prepare you for getting back into the routine of your daily working life. Focus on things you can do and can control, such as your schedule, what you’re eating, activity, etc. Focusing on these things helps give a sense of achievement. START A TO-DO LIST – Getting yourself organised and having a clear list of everything you need to do will help ease your mind. Be precise and detailed, set yourself deadlines and realistic time frames in order to make your tasks achievable and help you prioritise. ASK FOR HELP - Recognise when you need help, we are all human, asking someone for help can also help the other person feel needed and relieve a little stress from yourself as well. LEARN SOMETHING NEW - Learning a new skill can boost your mental wellbeing by increasing self-confidence, build a sense of purpose and help to connect with others. It will make you feel more productive and help you to feel excited upon your return. Here at Louella Belle we are still offering a range of free of charge webinars, so keep up-to-date via our social channels. GET SOME SLEEP – Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep to help with cognitive function, making you more able to handle the day ahead. We tend to feel more anxious when we are tired as we do not give our brain enough time to rest, which in turn affects our emotional processing. Practice a good bedtime routine, such as turning off all devices and avoid caffeine before bed.