With salons getting ready to reopen, hygiene and sanitation will be at the forefront of both you and your clients’ minds when it comes to your services. Both you and your clients will need to be cautious and follow the appropriate guidelines. We have put together our essential hygiene products to help you and your clients stay safe.
  1. Footlogix Cleansing Wipes Footlogix Cleansing Wipes are safe, gentle and hygienic. The wipes can be used either on your hands before a service or on clients’ feet. The wipes are safe for all ages and skin types and will not dehydrate the skin and contain no added fragrance. Use before waterless pedicures, polish change, waxing or manicures. Available in packs of 50 and 100.
  2. Famous Names Cinnatize The Cinnatize nail surface cleanser from Famous Names, is a one-step deep cleansing sanitiser and pathogen remover. Powered by natural cinnamon leaf extract, Cinnatize is legendary for its ability to fight surface bacteria, leaving no 'chalky white' residue on the soft tissue after use. Citrus based and with an eco-friendly preservative system, Cinnatize has a revitalizing cinnamon scent. Available in 8oz and 32oz.
  3. Belava Liners The Belava liners are essential for deterring the spread of bacteria associated with both manicure and pedicures. Being disposable, they eliminate the need for scrubbing and cleaning between clients, maintaining hygiene and allowing a quick and easy clean up. The liners are recyclable and available to fit both Belava manicure and pedicure bowls. Available in packs of 25, 50 or 100.
  4. Pedi Slippers Our disposable foam pedicure slippers are the perfect pedicure essential. The open toe design allows you to maintain ease of use and convenience for both you and your clients. As the slippers are disposable it means they can be changed between clients maintaining hygienic conditions within your salon and service. Available in Black or White.
  5. Footlogix Foot Soak This gentle cleansing foot soak is pH balanced with anti-microbial properties. This concentrate is blended in a fresh-scent formula that rehydrates skin and softens calluses, perfect to clean your clients’ feet. Available in 250ml, 1000ml or 3.78L.
  6. Sienna X Tan Wipes The Sienna X Professional Tan Removal Wipes are great for cleansing both you and your client’s hands before service and help in removing barrier cream from the nails. They are a convenient must have for any tanning service. Available in packs of 80.