Do you retail products or would you like to expand your retail revenue? We are all adapting to operating in these difficult times, introducing retail to your business can help you boost revenue during challenging times and gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients while your business is closed. Footlogix provide everything you need for the salon and a range of complementary retail products for at-home use in-between treatments. Top Five Footlogix Retail Products: 1.       Rough Skin Formula 125ml This formula contains two key ingredients, Clotrimazole, an effective anti-fungal agent which will target dry, sand paper like skin, prone to fungal infections. As well as, Urea which locks in the moisture. ✓      Recommended for clients with cracking, dry, rough, scratchy, sand-paper like skin prone to fungal infections. ✓     Ideal for Diabetics and senior clients. ✓     RRP £24.95 2.       Toe Nail Tincture 50ml Do you have clients prone to fungal infections on their toe nails? This effective anti-fungal spray provides care for toenails. The Avocado oil and Panthenol help to restore toenails. ✓     Recommended for clients with sweaty feet and toenail fungus. ✓     RRP £23.95 3.       DD Cream Mousse Formula 125ml ‘Double-Defence’ cream is a super hydrating, unique mousse that is both anti-aging and rejuvenating due to it’s ingredient, Urea. It also contains, Spiraleen which provides anti-microbial properties which relieve skin irritations.      Recommended for clients that are looking to hydrate and revitalise their feet. This product is perfect for night care. ✓     RRP £24.95 4.       Cracked Heel Formula 125ml This formula moisturises deeply into the skin, effectively penetrates into deeply split, cracked skin on the heels of the feet. ✓     Recommended for clients with callused skin and cracked skin/heels. ✓     RRP £23.95 5.       Foot File This double-sided file has a multi-directional grit that will not shred the skin. Lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and recommended to be used at home.      Recommended for all types of clients. Helps target cracked heels, dry skin, and rough skin. ✓     RRP £15.95 For our at home products, the Rough Skin Formula and the Nail Tincture are the two products needed by most and clients can see and feel the difference within as little as 72 hours. They offer long term solutions and protect the skin of the feet, keeping them healthy, soft and beautiful.” - Katharin von Gavel – Footlogix Founder & CEO Now is the most important time to introduce retailing to your clients and the Louella Belle Team are here to help you and your business strive during these time. Footlogix Retail RRP Price List. Retail Top Tips Want to start retailing but not sure where to start? We recommend the following:
  • Make sure your website has a shop feature, or you can sell through Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Having the option for your customers to pay via PayPal is important as it often offers both sellers and buyers protection against any lost items!
  • Take pictures of your kits and products so you customers can see what they’re getting.
  • Make sure you’re realistic about delivery times, all delivery providers are experiencing delays. Be clear with your customers about when they can receive their orders.