Dadi’Oil Dadi’Oil is the perfect product to retail all year round, not only does it nourish cuticles but It can be used all over the body and even in the hair!  We recommend applying to cuticles twice a day, applying to any areas of dry skin as needed and to any dry ends of wet hair!  In Salon - Make sure you have testers available! Or use them as part of your treatments, this will encourage a purchase, Displaying the tester next to an information card also gives the customer some time to read about the product.  Dadi’Oil Facts: Dadi’Oil is a nail and skin treatment that is 95% organic, non-greasy and penetrates deeply and quickly into the skin and nail, a firm favourite with nail technicians globally. We recommend to use Dadi’Oil in conjunction with every manicure, whether natural or gel along with at home care to keep the nails from becoming brittle. RRP 5.95 for the Mini, £10.95 for the 14ml.  Dadi’Lotion Want to kick the hydration up a notch? Include Dadi’Lotion, with the same aromatic fragrance as Dadi’Oil and the same essential oils, Dadi’Lotion has been designed to quickly penetrate the skin for instant hydration. Dadi’Lotion can be used all over the body as often as needed to boost hydration.  For an added boost, once Dadi’Lotion as been absorbed into the skin, follow with a layer of Dadi’Oil, this is called Layer Locking and can help the skin if it particularly dry and in need of added hydration - especially with all the recent hand washing!  If you’re not already using this in your treatments, we recommend having testers on the nail desk and at reception!  Dadi’Scrub  Dadi’Srub’s primary function is to remove dead skin, however all the added oils make it highly hydrating, removing dead skin while not being harsh on the skin or the environment! The Sugar and Salt help to exfoliate the skin whilst the oil combination helps to hydrate, leaving skin silky soft!  Available in a 1oz Mini, 4.7oz and a 16oz!  TOP TIP - if you offer Spray tanning, this is excellent at removing tan and helping tan to fade evenly! Did you know you can also use this as part of your manicure routine? Apply the scrub to the clients hands and then remove with hot mitts, or you can simply apply Dadi’Lotion after all the oil as dissolved to remove the sugar and salt crystals, wiping any excess with a towel or tissue.  Dadi’Balm  We often forget about our lips, but they often need a little hydration too. The Dadi’Balm is powered by natural ingredients, including sustainable Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil and Natural Vitamin E. We recommend applying as often as needed throughout the day to keep lips hydrated.  When you’re in salon, we recommend having this on the till point.   Create A Hydrating Pack We recommend putting a hydrating pack for your customers to pick up at the till point, or buy online! Fill it with your favourite Dadi’ products such as a mini Dadi’Lotion, Dadi’Oil, Dadi’Scrub and a Dadi’Balm so you cover all bases. Having minis as part of a pack will encourage your customers to invest in larger sizes when they come back to see you.  Not sure where to get started with retail? Make sure your website has a shop feature, or you can sell through Instagram, or Facebook.  Having the option for your customers to pay via PayPal is important as it often offers both sellers and buyers protection against any lost items!  Take pictures of your kits and products so you customers can see what they’re getting.  Make sure you’re realistic about delivery times. Be clear with your customers about when they can receive their orders.