When it comes to health and wellbeing we tend to focus solely on the body and our physical health whilst often neglecting our mental health. However looking after our mental wellbeing is vital in creating a happy working and living environment. In these challenging times being stuck at home can negatively impact your mental wellbeing as we navigate changes in your daily routine.

Here’s a few ways to beat the stay at home blues:


Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Eat breakfast to give yourself a good start to the day and try to avoid snacking on sugary food out of boredom as this will cause your mood to rise and fall.


Set aside 30 minutes every day to do an at-home work out, we recommend a YouTube pilates or yoga session! This can boost your mood and relieve stress.


Get those ZZZs! It’s important to stick to your regular routine, as sleep is vital for maintaining cognitive function. Aim for between 7-9 hours to help your mind and body recover and function at its best.


Stay optimistic and set goals to focus your mind. Find three things every day to be thankful for.


Meditation can be used to relax both mind and body. There are apps to help you take five minutes per day to meditate and refocus, we recommend Headspace.


Get those 2litres of water in! Not drinking enough water can cause difficulty in concentration. Make sure to stay on top of those water goals, there are even apps that can help if you need an extra nudge.


Self-Isolation can be lonely, make sure you’re picking up the phone and talking to team members or friends. It can help add normality into your day. You are not alone, talking through your worries and concerns can help you realise others may be feeling the same way and offer a new perspective on your situation. You may find you are helping someone else out in the process!