Introducing Wellbeing Wednesday. We understand that it is currently a challenging time for everyone and ensuring the wellbeing of our customers and employees is our core focus

Every Wednesday, we will be sharing with you wellbeing top tips to help you manage your workload, in times where we need a positive mental health boost. The Louella Belle Team are here to help.

Today’s Wellbeing Tip: Improving Mental Health In Your New Workspace

  • Create a workspace - dedicate a space in your home that is purely for working, or brushing up on skills, as tempting as it may be, working from your comfortable bed can make it hard to detach from work / relaxation time.
  • Reduce Stress - It is easy to feel overwhelmed in your new work environment, especially as you aren’t surrounded by your work comforts. Make a list of what is achievable in this time. Remember to take breaks to call friends, walk away from the screen and make a drink at regular intervals.

Here are the six tips will be sharing with you next Wednesday, so look out for our #WellbeingWednesday email in your inbox!

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  5. Yoga Position For The Mind.
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We will be sharing wellbeing tips on our Instagram story every day at 1pm to help you through our new Working From Home culture.

Stay tuned throughout the week and get involved to help others with our hashtags #WFH #LBWellbeing