We recently held a Footlogix Product Knowledge Webinar and we had a huge positive response to the class and also received many great post-webinar enquiries. THANK YOU for being a valued part of this community and engaging with us and each other this way. While we have responded to each enquiry individually by email, we have also highlighted some of the most commonly received enquiries along with responses for our collectively learning below:

Q1. Is Footlogix® recommended for Diabetics?
A1. Absolutely! A diabetic often experiences decreased dermal moisture in the skin of the feet. Our DD Cream and Very Dry Skin Formulas are excellent choices for our diabetic clients.
Q2. Can Footlogix® be used on the hands or for a manicure service?
A2. Absolutely! You may recall from yesterday’s presentation how we learned that the skin on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet have the same characteristics; so of course it makes sense that Footlogix® is a great choice for hand care! We have attached our manicure protocol for you here.
Q3. Can you send me a recording or will this webinar be offered again?
A3. For those of you who would like to see the presentation again, we have a recording available for you. Please click on the following link to watch the encore presentation. 
Q4. Do you have a dry pedicure protocol?
A4. Yes, we do! We have attached a copy of it for your convenience here. Please click on the following link to access our dry/soakless pedicure protocol.