Happy Veganuary! January is known as Veganuary and is an annual campaign that many get involved with to increase the awareness of Veganism which is more than just a diet adjustment. Here at Louella Belle we have so many incredible brands to offer, many of which are vegan! We understand the importance of veganism today and how much it means to our customers, so we are here to make you aware of our vegan brands:
  1. Artistic Nail Design
All Artistic Nail Design products are Vegan, with the exception of the Revive Cuticle Oil which contains fish oils.  
  1. Morgan Taylor 
All Morgan Taylor Nail Polishes are Vegan and 5-Free. DailyElixir is the only product not vegan from the brand, as it contains keratin.  
  1. Footlogix
All Footlogix products are vegan friendly and do not contain palm oil.  
  1. Famous Names
Dadi’Lotion, Dadi’Oil, Dadi’Scrub, IBX and Cinnatize are all Vegan products. Each blended with natural oils, with the scrub being blended with both sugar and salt for an ecofriendly exfoliant. We recommend this must have trio to include in your retail and treatment product line up. Dadi’Scrub does not contain Sulfates, Parabens or artificial colours! Dadi'Balm is the only product that is not vegan, as it contains beeswax.  
  1. Seche
Seche treatment products are free from materials that contain bovine, caprine, equine, and porcine origins and do not threat BSE or TSE.  
  1. Salt Of The Earth
The entire product range which includes scrubs, crèmes, and masks infused with natural ingredients and signature 72 organic trace mineral complexes from the Great Salt Lake each of which are vegan friendly.   Veganism is a becoming increasingly popular and this is a great thing to inform your clients about. Tell them that the products you use are Vegan!