Introducing dailyELIXIR Keratin Nail Treatment, a Morgan Taylor nail recovery treatment.

Damaged, splitting nails don’t stand a chance against the power of cross-linking hydrolyzed Keratin peptides and exclusive Panthenol-infused Bio-Organic Complex™! Give your clients nails the support they need so they can get back to growing longer and stronger. See results instantly!

See and feel instant results as dailyELIXIR not only protects damaged nails but repairs them! Hydrolyzed keratin peptides penetrate the nail surface, bonding with existing natural nail protein to restore nail structure and strength. The exclusive Panthenol-Infused Bio-Organic Complex™ keeps nails hydrated even under harsh salon and environmental conditions.

With dailyELIXIR, nails can get their healthy shine back quickly and safely! For best results, use daily for two weeks; then apply to the natural nail every other day. For extremely damaged nails, use up to 4 weeks prior to resuming use of lacquer and other nail enhancements.

Benefits of dailyELIXIR Keratin Nail Treatment include:

  • 20% active ingredients for instant results.
  • Correct breaks, splits and peels.
  • Saturates and resurfaces nails with powerful hydrolyzed Keratin peptides.
  • Protects with exclusive Panthenol-infused Bio-Organic Complex™.
  • Instantly restores a healthy glow.
  • Salon tested.
  • 7-free.

How To Apply:

  • Apply a thin coat to clean, dry natural nails.
  • Allow time for it to absorb into the nails before wiping or washing hands - the longer dailyELIXIR remains on the nail, the more effective the results.
  • For best results, use dailyELIXIR on natural nails without polish.
  • Use daily for two weeks; then apply to the natural nail every other day. For extremely damaged nails, use up to four weeks prior to applying and using polish and other nail enhancements.

Brittle nails are a major problem amongst nail consumers, especially those who use nail strengtheners, so we wanted to tackle this issue by going straight to the source,” express namesakes Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel. “dailyELIXIR Keratin Nail Treatment cross-links with damaged nail keratin to correct breaks, splits, and peels; making your nails stronger, healthier and more beautiful than ever before!”

Correct dry, splitting, peeling, brittle natural nails with dailyELIXIR Keratin Nail Treatment by Morgan Taylor!

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