Artistic Nail Design introduces not one, but two, brand new pink CORRECTION GEL colours to join the existing Original Clear Correction Gel!

Correcting and protecting nails has never been easier with Artistic’s three different Correction Gel formulas: Original Clear, NEW Pink Concealer, and NEW Translucent Pink.

The brand-new colours with help you create flawless nails for your clients!

Who’s it for?     

Clients looking for a full-coverage, natural looking nail in a neutral pink hue - can opt for Pink Concealer. While those looking to banish surface imperfections with a healthy pink glow should try Translucent Pink for their nail strengthening needs.

What does it do?

Correction Gels create fabulously flawless nails with a powerful strengthening formula that makes grooves, ridges and other nail imperfections disappear while promoting healthy nail growth! Can be worn solo for stronger, natural-looking nails, or under any Artistic® Colour Gloss or Colour Revolution shade for an impeccably smooth finish that’s polished to perfection.

What are the benefits of Correction Gel?

  • Strengthens and promotes nail growth
  • Corrects grooves, ridges and other nail surface imperfections
  • Can be worn alone or under Artistic® Colour Gloss or Colour Revolution shades
  • Fast, brush-on formula
  • 30 Second LED cure
  • Easy soak-off removal

Over the next few months, we will be creating flawless manicure looks and designs using the new Correction Gel colours, to give you inspiration on the fantastic things you can do with it. Stay tuned to our social channels.

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