Introducing IBX Boost High Shine Top Coat By Famous Names. This brand new top coat has been added to the IBX Boost family to help you achieve a flawless IBX BOOST treatment!

IBX Boost creates the ultimate foundation layer on the natural nail. It is a flexible and strong over the top coating that can be used for strength, protection and extended gel polish wear.

What It Is

IBX Boost High Shine Top Coat is a universal durable top coat that can be used over IBX Boost, Gel Polish, Hard and Soft Gels.

How It Works

Apply IBX Boost High Shine Top Coat directly over any cured surface and then cure it under an LED or UV lamp for one minute. Cleanse after curing. Apply two coats if needed.

Why IBX Boost High Shine Top Coat

  • Easy to apply
  • Superior adhesion
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy soak off
  • Universal use
  • HEMA Free


  • A shine that lasts
  • Glass smooth surface
  • 3 weeks of wear

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