OUT NOW! CB-Dadi’Oil By Famous Names

What It Is

CB-Dadi’Oil is the ultimate natural hemp derived topical oil to use on skin, body & nails.

What It Does

Studies have shown CB-Dadi’Oil may be helpful for:

  • Muscle & Joint Relief
  • Relieving Discomfort
  • Keeping Skin Soft & Supple

CB-Dadi’Oil Contains Powerful Antioxidants which is a key ingredient for the above

What Makes It Different

  • CBD derived from the Hemp Plant
  • Used traditionally for thousands of years
  • Known to have health wellness benefits

CD-Dadi’Oil is the same fantastic Dadi’Oil product, however Famous Names have just added CBD to the oil. With the addition of Hemp Derived CBD it makes the oil darker in colour compared to the original Dadi’Oil.

Did you know, the CB-Dadi’Oil is certified 95% organic!

Available in 15ml, 72ml and 12 pack display.

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