Having been on the seen since the 90s, Seche knows nails, so whether your looking for quick dry solution to your clients’ lacquer choices, treatments for natural nails or those special effect top coats, Seche has the solution you’ve been searching for.

We recommend these two top coats for flawless winter nails:

Seche Ultra-V is perfect for the client who needs that long wearing gel polish like finish but prefers a regular lacquer. This high-shine finish top coat cures under a UV Lamp in just three minutes and lasts up to 10 days.

Seche Vive is that gel effect topcoat that dries without the need for a UV or LED Lamp, the durable gel-like finish, applies over dry lacquer and dries with a plumping effect for extra oomph. Go large with your Seche Vive, with the Salon Refill Kit.

More Than Treatments

Seche offers you and your clients more than treatments, why not introduce the Blue Opal or Holographic Special Effect Top Coats into your salon this festive season? Each work as an alluring top coat, which can then be topped with Ultra-V for a gel-like quick dry finish, Seche Vite for high shine or left alone. The Seche Special Effects shades can be used on top of your clients favourite lacquer shade, or alone to give the natural nail that something special.

Branch out into retail with your clients favourite top coat, Seche Vite, the mini’s are perfect for festive season gifting, stocking fillers and for weekends away!

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