Quick Fire Round With Suzy, Louella Belle Educator For Derby.


How to create the perfect smile line.

I prefer to use the reverse method where you apply your chosen pink first, I always use the VIP Pink Concealer first as it gives a natural look then I use a clear to blend into the cuticle to give a natural look and then you can build the apex with the clear. Once I have applied the pink and clear to all the fingers I then use a new 180 file to file the smile line so that it is smooth and even, you can also use this to create a wall for where you want the white (or your chosen tip colour) to sit.

The corners of the smile line need to reach the skin at the top of the nail (just below the free edge) and the same thickness is needed all the way around the sides. When filing the sides, be careful not to lose the white at the sides as this will create an imperfect finish.


Favourite artistic product.

Personally, I love the Rock Hard L&P products as they are excellent for competing with, they do not lift, they’re long lasting and no need to remove / reapply you can infill for as long as your clients want.

My top tip for using Rock Hard is to remember to press the product into the nail to avoid bubbles and you’ll achieve a smooth finish.


Favourite thing about Artistic

I love the high quality of the product and the range of colours in the Colour Gloss range, artistic are also always innovating so there is always a new product or system to learn. I loved when they launched Putty, its perfect if you love acrylic but want something lighter but just as durable, there is less dust with Putty, and it cures under the LED light.


How did you get into the nail industry?

Initially I worked in finance and human resources but I did not enjoy the office life and always loved being creative! Growing up I loved art and I kept it as a hobby throughout my education. I never felt like I had any artistic talent and I used to do my own nails as a hobby until one day my friend suggested I learn to do nails professionally. I wasn’t enjoying my office job so I took a risk and enrolled on a nail course, and I loved it! At the end of my course I realised I could launch my own business and work for myself and my confidence grew as my client list grew. Then I moved to the UK and I did my Master Class with Maria Sirokai and then I realised I could be an educator as well and I worked with another Louella Belle Educator, Carrie and she introduced me to Louella Belle whilst I lived in London, when I moved to Derby I focused more on Education and became Louella Belle’s educator for the area and launched a few of my own courses. Originally I am from Hungary so I help with translation from English to Hungarian for those who have Hungarian as their mother tongue, I assist with teaching the rules and regulations of the industry within the UK. I Encourage all my clients to love their job, be humble, kind and focus on their clients’ happiness, this will help build the foundations of a great nail technician. Now I have my own successful educating business, run my own courses and have a few clients and I love the ability to be creative every day.

Here is my latest competition entry for the Scratch Shoot Out, 2019.