Did You Know The Belava Liners Are Recyclable?

Belava started out in 2004 with their now hugely popular durable pedicure tubs and disposable and recyclable liners which are disposed of after every customer, thus limiting the chance of spreading bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.

Belava offers a range of manicure and pedicure solutions for salon professionals. The Belava one-time use disposable liners for both manicure and pedicure offer a more hygienic service with a fast and easy clean-up for salon professionals.

Pedicure Bowls - Belava’s durable yet lightweight, pedicure tub with disposable liners ensures your clients receive the most hygienic pedicure soak, while making your cleanup between clients a simple time saver. 

Manicure Bowls - Belava has created a variety of professional products for manicure services. A multi-purpose Salon Bowl for manicure soaking with disposable liners, which guarantees a sanitary environment for manicures. 

Why Belava Liners?

  • Sanitation – no transmission of fungus, bacterial infections or viruses between clients.
  • Simplicity – saves time, effortless clean up between clients.
  • Conservation – less water needed for the pedicure and no waste of water sanitizing the jet spa system.
  • Happy Clients – using a disposable liner for your clients’ soaks makes them feel safe and shows you care about your clients’ health.
  • Green – with the liners there are less chemicals down the drain and even though the liners are disposable they can go back into recycling to be remade into something new and not pollute the environment.
  • Professional – fitted liners look attractive in your salon.
  • They are fully recyclable!


Belava Liners are available in boxes of 25, 50 or 100.

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