Artistic have officially upgraded and although their long-lasting formula remains untouched, it is the NEW Colour Gloss Bottle has all the Power. With a full redesign Artistic’s new look bottle’s looks sleeker than ever before.

The full core range has now been officially introduced to the Louella Belle website, so you can now complete your collection. The new Colour Gloss bottles also compliment the Artistic Colour Revolution bottles perfectly, giving your clients better visibility of your colour collection . The fully coloured bottle will also allow both you and your client to choose the perfect colour shade with their more vivid and eye-catching look.

Not only is the new bottle more aesthetically pleasing but it aims to block out more ambient UV light, protecting the formula and increasing the longevity of your colours, meaning a longer shelf life and more uses from every bottle!

New Bottle…New Brush! The wider brush allows for fewer strokes, saving on formula whilst providing a streak-free application. With the new brush size and Artistic’s patented high shine formula, your polish will paint like a lacquer and wear like a gel, creating a smooth and luxurious finish!

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