We know making small positive changes to our behaviours can have a positive impact on our planet.

Behind the scenes, the Louella Belle team has been taking steps to become more environmentally friendly. Back at the end of May, we sent out a survey to our customers to find out what you expect from us and the way we send out your orders.

Over the last month or so you’ve been getting in touch to tell us your thoughts and feelings and filling in our survey and we’re delighted to share the results with you, as well as some of the ways we are making positive environmental changes.

Did you know? We ship most of our overseas orders via the Sea.

Defra study concludes that 2 tonnes of freight carried for 5,000km by a small container ship creates 150kg of CO2e (a measure of relative global warming potential) compared to 6,605kg of CO2e if the freight is carried by plane for the same distance. A clear difference!

We recycle our packaging!

You may have noticed that occasionally your order will arrive in a pre-loved branded box which our order has arrived to us in, this is to minimise our cardboard box usage and it can be reused or  recycled by you, the possibilities are endless!

We are working on our branding.

We’re working with a team to create boxes with a clear recycling message as you said in our survey over 35% of you did not know our current boxes are fully recyclable.

Less Plastic!

74% of you have expressed the need for less plastic, we have been working on this behind the scenes, looking for alternatives to ensure your polishes arrive safe and sound. We’re testing out methods on select orders over the coming months and you should start to see a reduction in plastic soon!

Stay tuned to our going green story and tag us in ways you keep your business environmentally friendly!