LET YOUR NAILS TAKE CENTER STAGE! – The Rocketman Collection Morgan Taylor’s Summer 2019

Introducing the new Rocketman Summer Collection 2019 from Morgan Taylor, in collaboration with the Rocketman film from Paramount Pictures.

The film is inspired by the fantastic story of Elton John’s magical music and meteoric rise to fame.

The collection features seven iconic shades including ultra-bright pinks to rich purple and teals, complemented by a luxe glitter overlay that gives each shade it’s own moment to sparkle and shine.



Discover all seven shades:


“This collection not only has very vibrant and bold summer shades but it’s inspired by one of the most legendary musicians of all time,” says Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Morgan Taylor. “Elton John has released some amazing music throughout his career, and it was easy to find inspiration in his music and his story while creating this fun and unique summer collection!”


Get your shades ready and your dancing shoes on, ready to rock this summer’s Rocketman Collection!