Are you all set with all the tools you need to provide flawless manicures to your clients? Artistic offers a wide range of tools designed for you, the professional.


Artistic offers a wide variety of files and buffers.

The 240 / 240 which is designed to be light and comfortable to hold and control. 

The 400 / 4000 which is a high shine buffer for use on natural or acrylic nails that will not be polished. 

The 100 / 180 perfect for buffing.

The 150 / 150  used for correction and refining traditional gels and acrylics

The 220 / 280 designed to finish buff the artificial nail and removes file demarcations on the artificial nail surface. 


The Sani Tongs are a multiple use tool is perfect to use as part of your Colour Gloss design applications. Used to remove items from the sanitiser trays or to easily and comfortably pinch the c-curve in artificial extensions. Can also be used to apply stones and other art pieces to the nail.

Artistic also offer a Crystal Cuticle Pusher, which is a dual sided, stainless steel, professional implement that aids in the proper preparation of the nail before any salon service. 


Artistic Nail Design Stylus Marble Tools are the perfect tools to use as part of your Colour Gloss design applications. These double ended tools give you four different sizes and effects. These can also be used with coloured gels, acrylics or polish design applications. Perfect for marbling and etching.


Artistic Curve Sticks enable you to create the perfect c curve with gel or acrylic applications. Three double ended sticks giving you six different sizes. Sold in set of three sticks for six c-curve sizes multi coloured for quick reference


Brushes are perfect for achieving flawless nail art, several of the brushes have multiple uses.

The #7 Square Gel Brush or #9 Square Gel Brush are both ideal for application of building gel but can also be used for the 'dry brushing' stage or application of nail designs.

The #9 Oval Gel Brush is used for careful cuticle work in addition to dry brushing and building gel. 

Artistic Nail Design Striping Brush for creating stripes and lines, colour dragging and marbleising