Luxury Manicures are making a comeback with clients wanting to add a little bit more  luxury into their lives beyond your average manicure, BareLuxury has been created with that client in mind.

In each BareLuxury pack you get one Manicure & one pedicure, making that just under £5.00 per combined treatment, we would recommend selling a BareLuxury Manicure & Pedicure treatment giving your client an all over sensory experience.

BareLuxury comes in four moods, Renew, Energy, Detox and Calm, so no matter what your clients mood may be, Morgan Taylor has the scent to suit them.

COMING SOON! The new BareLuxury sizes of Calm and Energy, both perfect for post-holiday recovery. Calm & Energy now come in 8oz jars, meaning you get more treatments out of one jar!


Upgrade your BareLuxury Manicure & Pedicure treatment with Dissolve the professional strength, fast acting proprietary formula targets problem cuticles and calluses eliminating dry, rough skin fast. Panthenol-Infused Bio-Organic Complex softens and prevents dehydration.


BareLuxury offers three service options:


Premium Service, a complete 4 step pedicure or manicure in convenient packette sizes. Add Dissolve Cuticle Eliminator & Callus Softener as needed. Ultimate in sanitation and portion control. Superior sensorial experience with formula customization based on mood.


Deluxe Service – 5 step pedicure or manicure with the 8oz. Pro Sizes for customized service dosing. Add new Dissolve Cuticle Eliminator & Callus Softener. Available in Calm & Energy fragrances.


Express Service – 2 step pedicure or manicure. Use 24HR Hand & Body Lotion in place of Massage while eliminating the Soak & Masque steps. Creates Express Services and new retail opportunities!


Speak to your Business Development Manager today about how BareLuxury can work for you.


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