24 Hour Hydration Hand & Body Lotions

MORGAN TAYLOR believes that nothing is more essential to healthy, enlightened living than taking time to rejuvenate the skin and senses. BareLuxury™ leaves skin glowing while bringing out the inner beauty of a rejuvenated mind and spirit. BareLuxury™ cleanses, detoxifies, refines and leaves skin glowing with spa like perfection. 

  • Safe, non-staining, clean-rinse formulas.
  • Dramatic professional results
  • A sensory experience for unforgettably luxurious services
  • The ultimate makeover for feet, hands, and senses!
  • Custom formulas for instantly visible results
  • Eco-friendly scrubs with no polyethylene beads

Why You Need It:

Sheer 24-hour softness and protection, we’ve got you covered! BareLuxury™ 24HR Hand & Body Lotions instantly rehydrate parched skin while soothing and protecting around the clock with an apple fruit extract and emollient complex. Paraben-Free.

The Science Behind the Softness:

Our proprietary apple fruit extract and emollients increases skin hydration and looks visibly refreshed instantly. Crab Apples (small, bitter variety of apples) are rich in vitamins and mineral content to help strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases and prevent skin cell degeneration (premature skin aging).

Dissolve, the 2-in-1 Cuticle & Callus Eliminator




Why You Need It:


Tough cuticles and calluses, No Problem! Professional strength, fast acting proprietary formula targets problem cuticles and calluses eliminating dry, rough skin fast. Panthenol-Infused Bio-Organic Complex softens and provides superior hydration. Paraben-Free.


The Science Behind the Softness: BareLuxury™ Dissolve gently breaks keratin protein disulfide bonds allowing for fast softening, exfoliation and easy cuticle removal and callus softening.

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