Acrylic dip or powder polish nails are fast becoming the latest must have nail system for salons. Whether you’re looking for vivid colour payoff or a perfect smile line, the lightning fast application of the new Artistic Perfect Dip system makes it easier than ever to achieve.

With its recent release, we wanted to give you a rundown of the perks of Perfect Dip and why we are so excited about the product!



Deeper Colour - Due to the colour being in powder form, clients get a very vivid colour pay off with Perfect Dip.

Chip Free - As Perfect Dip acts like acrylic, it is a very long lasting product and it won’t chip easily.

Stronger Than Gel - Great for clients with weaker nails who see lifting or chipping from gel polish.

Odourless – Doesn’t have a strong smell which makes it a much friendlier product to use on your clients.

Quick To Use – Dipping the nail in the powder is a very quick process and so it won’t take you a long time to do a full set of nails.

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