What is IBX BOOST?

IBX BOOST is a flexible and STRONG over the top universal nail coating that is the perfect partner to compliment the IBX System. IBX BOOST is designed to smooth, strengthen, protect and act as a buffer layer under other services. IBX BOOST can be used as a natural nail overlay for strength and added protection, a protective coating under other series such as gel polish, and can extend gel polish wear for up to three weeks.

Most Common Mistakes

  • As with all nail products, avoid skin or eye contact.
  • We recommend that IBX System Treatment be applied prior to using IBX BOOST.
  • Always start with a clean, bare nail that has been filed and shaped during a Dry Manicure Only.
  • IBX BOOST and IBX BOOST BASE cure in one minute in either LED or UV lamps, use a lamp with 30 watts or more.
  • Do not use an IPA which is less than 90% 
  • IBX BOOST must be applied thinly, application that are too thick may peel and/or lift.
  • When applying gel polish, do not apply the gel polish base coat, do not buff the surface and do not remove the sticky layer.

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Want to get the most out of IBX BOOST? We recommend booking on to the IBX Course which now includes IBX BOOST. Get in touch with our education team on education@louellabelle.co.uk to find your nearest educator.