Pedicures are usually the luxury treat our clients have during the warmer months, when our shoe options leave our feet exposed to the elements! Footlogix Pediceuticals believe that professional foot care is an essential part self-care, all year round. 

Footlogix offers your clients feet the care and protection they need and deserve even in the colder months, combat your clients winter feet issues with these Footlogix product recommendations. 


Sweaty Feet.

From September to April our feet are warm and cosy in our favourite boots, this can cause feet to become sweaty which opens up the feet to other issues such as a fungal infections. Combat sweaty feet with the Sweaty Feet Formula, apply daily. Dissolve any odours that may occur as a result of sweaty feet with the Shoe Deodorant Spray, spray daily into your shoes, the Shoe Deodorant Spray can also help eliminate any lingering bacteria. Footlogix also recommend advising your clients to spray their feet with the Foot Deodorant Spray to neutralise unpleasant foot odours, and cool the skin, perfect after a long day on your feet, or after a long day Christmas shopping. 

Cold, Tired Feet.

Whether your clients spend all day on their feet for work, or are sat at a desk our feet have a hard time, and with us walking over 200,000 miles in our life time, they deserve some TLC. Help your client reduce leg fatigue with the Tired Leg Formula, your clients should use this daily to relieve tired legs and feet, and with vascoactive properties, this will have your clients on the go again in no time. Do you have a client in denial about winter and still parading in sandals and open toe shoes? Recommend the Cold Feet Formula, which stimulate microcirculation and can provide some much needed relief to chronically cold feet. Clients with cold feet should use this daily for optimum results. 

Specific concerns.

Winter can be a breeding ground for fungus, recommend daily use of the Toe Nail Tincture, to protect party feet from nail fungus and repair existing fungal infections. The Toe Nail Tincture contains avocado oil and Panthenol to restore a healthy glow to the nails. Try the Peeling Skin Formula for those clients who suffer with athletes foot, the anti-peeling agent provides relief to the sufferer and can be used once or twice a day. 


For you, the professional.

The Callus Softener is professional only and is designed to melt away calluses making your job easier so you can focus on recommending aftercare and treating the issue rather than spending time over filing the area of concern. The PH Balanced Foot Soak has anti-microbial properties so as soon as you’ve removed, or lessened the callus the client can enjoy a foot soak that starts to get to work on removing any lingering bacteria. The Footlogix Stainless Steel Foot File is designed to not shred the skin, it is uniquely designed to be lightweight and double sided with a multidirectional grit. 

Don’t forget your consultation cards, to help you identify your clients’ main problem and the products which can help them, they are part of the marketing kit found here.

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