Perfect Dip by Artistic Nail Design is the latest revolutionary nail system giving your clients vivid colour manicures with added strength. Here are the tips from a Louella Belle Educators Jacqui & Carrie.

  • On first application of base always leave a small margin around the cuticles and sidewall to allow second coat of base to go closer to create a smoother finish.
  • Ensure you dip into the powder quickly after applying Base.
  • Always allow Activator to dry for at least 20 seconds and blot with an Artistic Lint Free wipe before applying Base or Top Coat over it.
  • Always clean around the lids of your base and top coats to ensure they don’t stick.
  • It is best to have everything within an easy reach and prepped before starting, for example opening the colour you need before applying the Base Coat to maximise time and allow for a smooth transition from applying the Base Coat to Dipping. 
  • When applying the system the key to the perfect, Perfect Dip is speed. As soon as the Base Coat has been applied dip the nail straight into the powder.
  • Perfect Dip can be used with both a natural nail and a tip extension if more length is required.
  • If strength is required but your client would prefer a lacquer or gel finish, you can apply the clear powder. Follow each step of the Perfect Dip process, and follow with Artistic Colour Gloss, or Colour Revolution as normal.
  • When applying a bright colour, to make it really pop you could start with a layer of Bride (white) then follow with the chosen bright shade.
  • If your client is worried about staining, or is prone to polish staining the nail, start with a layer of Clear before applying the chosen shade. This tip also works well with glitter shades for a smoother removal.
  • The kit contains enough for 50 full sets, so when working out a cost per service, you’re looking at approximately £1.20 a set which maximises your profit margin.
  • The Perfect Dip comes in 18 shades, both bright and natural shades, so whatever your clients preference is there is a shade for them. The Dip system also makes getting the perfect smile line for a French Manicure ever more achievable.

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