Ardell is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to choosing false lashes, as an award winning, international brand they have become cult classics across the globe. The range of lashes starts with natural and includes coloured lashes, full on glam and individuals for a personalised look.

With an extensive range on offer, it can be a tough choice picking a range to offer to your clients so here are the top sellers to help you offer your clients the best.

102 Demi Lashes 


Demi lashes give a glamourous look with the illusion of long, beautiful lashes.

Natural Wispies – Black

The Natural Wispies aim to give voluptuous flared lashes 

Knot-Free Individual Lashes in Medium

To create a personalised look for your client, and for your client to purchase and recreate or top up at home.

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Don’t forget the adhesive. Ardell Lashtite is available in Clear or Dark

View all adhesive options here.

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Ardell also have a selection of brow products. Click here to view.

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