Footlogix is the Pediceutical brand revolutionising foot care. The 16 piece product range is mousse based with Dermal Infusion Technology. Each product is free from synthetic oils enabling the product to penetrate the skin, and allowing the ingredients to work to improve the overall condition of the skin by targeting the area of concern. 

Did you know? Your feet have 250,000 sweat glands!

The non-occlusive formula of the Cracked Heel Mousse allows the skin to function as normal and transpire normally whilst treating the problem area.

Apply the Cracked Heel Formula as part of the Footlogix pedicure, as a treatment upgrade and recommend this product for daily home use to achieve optimum results. 

Did you know? It can take 5-6 months for a toenail to completely regrow!

Fungal nail infections can develop when your feet are constantly warm or damp. Warm, hot summer weather is a breeding ground, especially if you’re keeping your feet locked away in trainers.

The Footlogix Toe Nail Tincture works by being applied directly to the nail and penetrating into the nail bed right to the source of the infection. The Toe Nail Tincture can also be used as a preventative if your client is prone to fungal infections.

The applicator on the Toe Nail Tincture, as with all Footlogix retail products, is airless, which enables bacteria-free dispensing and keeping the formulation intact.

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