Footlogix is the pediceutical brand revolutionising foot care. The 16 piece product range is mousse based with Dermal Infusion Technology. Each product is free from synthetic oils enabling the product to penetrate the skin, and allowing the ingredients to work to improve the overall condition of the skin by targeting the area of concern. 

The skin on our feet has no oil glands, (just thousands of sweat glands) so walking every day and generally being dehydrated can cause rough skin to appear on the feet. Rough skin can also be worsened by conditions such as diabetes and athlete’s foot and can appear in anyone, but is more common in people with an underlying condition.

The Footlogix Rough Skin Formula is an effective anti-fungal moisturiser that combats rough skin and can relieve your client from irritation when used daily. The Rough Skin Formula is safe to use on diabetics and can be used as part of the Footlogix Pedicure or as a treatment upgrade. The Footlogix Rough Skin Formula can also be retailed as an aftercare product for your client to provide relief and obtain optimum results.

Did you know? The average person walks 100,000 miles in their lifetime!

With all that walking, it’s no wonder some of us are prone to calluses, especially if we’re on our feet all day. Calluses are caused by the friction of your foot rubbing against something, such as a shoe, or the ground.

The Callus Softener is a professional use only product that is sprayed directly on to the area of concern, left for 2-5 minutes depending on the size of the problem, and then gently filed away. The Callus Softener helps the skin to melt away so you’re not applying pressure to an already aggravated area. No blades are necessary!

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