Louella Belle How To Keep On Top Of Your Treatment Times

With Summer being the busiest time of year in salons, it is really important to keep on top of your treatment times. As a business, you want to provide your service in a reasonable time while still ensuring the best result you can.

Getting the balance right can be difficult because while taking longer for a nail or beauty treatment can make clients impatient and put unnecessary pressure on the therapist, providing services that are too speedy may be damaging.

To ensure you keep on top of your treatment times consider the following points:

Record your timings

Create an easy timing schedule for your therapists to stick to, breaking down the service into steps, and then allotting a maximum amount of time to complete each step. When you add up the time allotted for all the steps, the total should be your target time for the service and check if you are sticking to this timing.

Listen to your therapists and provide support and training where necessary

If any of your therapists are struggling to keep to the stated treatment timings, allow them time to get up to speed, and provide training where needed. Allow them to share their opinions on improving treatment timings. It is always good to ensure you are in top of quality control, if a therapist is completing treatments quickly, always check the quality of service they are providing.

Quick thinking

We all know how difficult making a colour choice can be. Don’t stop while the client choses her nail colour. Have colours displayed at the table or in reception and have your client choose before they start their service or choose before you have finished the preparation stage. Sitting and waiting while they chose a colour can waste more time. 

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