The new Artistic Perfect Dip System will change the way you apply colour! No matter your skill level, Perfect Dip will make you a master! Find out more about the benefits of the Perfect Dip system below:

• Invest in a brand new system at a minimal cost. There is no need to purchase an LED lamp and in each Artistic Perfect Dip Starter Kit contains enough product for 50 manicures!

• Professional formula provides up to 14 days wear!

• Colours are available in full colour spectrum – French, Crème, Glitter and Metallic. The shades are also available in Artistic Colour Gloss and Colour Revolution matching shades, making it easy to coordinate manicures and pedicures with long-lasting beautiful results.

• Vivid colour pay-out means stronger colour and less wasted product.

• Odourless formula ensures an enjoyable experience during services.

• Faster service compared to other acrylic systems. Shop the Perfect Dip System now