With pedicure season fast approaching, we want to make sure you’re prepared with our round up of the must have Belava products for the busiest time of year!

From Belava’s inception they have sought to ensure safe and sanitary salon services, minimise health concerns and bring back the pleasure of a salon visit, by offering beauty professionals tools and equipment capable of maximising the beautician’s efforts while saving them money, time and valuable space.

The Pedicure Starter Kit

Louella Belle The Best Of Belava

Belava first started out with its pedicure tubs. Durable yet lightweight, the pre-fitted disposable liners ensures your clients’ the safest most hygienic pedicure soak, whilst making clean up between clients a simple time saver.

The Salon Bowl

Louella Belle The Best Of Belava

The multi-purple salon bowl can be used for manicure soaking, a facial mask or hair colour mixing. The single use liner guarantees a sanitary environment for a variety of applications.

The Indulgence Chair

Louella Belle The Best Of Belava

This no plumbing pedicure chair is a full salon all in one, allowing you to expand your services in just one setting. The Indulgence Chair features a hydraulic pump for variable heights, an adjustable footrest and headrest and a seat that reclines and swivels for ease of use.

The Embrace Chair

Louella Belle The Best Of Belava

This luxurious multi-treatment chair has an extra wide cushion with built in heat and massage. It is a pipe-free chair that combines the versatility and simplicity Belava is known for. It is a plush, enveloping chair that reclines and massages.

The Trio Foot Spa

Louella Belle The Best Of Belava

The Trio Foot Spa is designed to enhance any salon with an elegant bowl that has an easily removable pedicure tub with fitted disposable liners for sanitation. Offer your clients a warm, vibrating pedicure soak that is hygienic and simple to use.

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