In such a competitive market, it’s important to show our regular customers that we appreciate their loyalty. Take a look at some of our top tips to starting a rewards programme for your beauty business below. 

Louella Belle Rewarding Loyal Customers

Keep It Simple

You want your rewards programme to appeal to as many of your customers as possible, so make sure you don’t complicate the process. A popular structure might be to offer a discount off any treatment when they’ve made five visits, and a free treatment when they make ten. Whatever you can afford to offer, make sure it is easy to follow and encourages your customers to keep coming back.

Keep Your Customers Informed

It’s one thing signing your clients up to the rewards scheme, but you want to make sure they are using it. Think about sending monthly emails with a summary of their rewards so they have an incentive to revisit. This would also be a great opportunity to invite them to try a new treatment or any new products you might have for the season ahead.

Personalise The Rewards

The best kinds of rewards are ones that appeal to individual customers, and they’ll appreciate you contacting them more if it’s something that reaches out to them. These kinds of offers will also help you understand your clients so you can start to create more targeted marketing depending on what rewards they are responding to.

Promote Your Rewards Programme

Think about the places where your clients are likely to book an appointment such as your website and reception, and place promotional materials around these to inform them of what they can get back from their visits. It’s also a good idea to educate your therapists on the rewards you are offering so they have this information ready for any clients it may appeal to.

Fill Quiet Days With Reward Specials

Every business will have quiet periods and a rewards programme will help support you with these. Offer exclusive discounts to your reward members or come and get them to try a new treatment to introduce them to new sides of your business. You never know, they could become a regular client in your salon for a range of different treatments if you make the effort to introduce them.

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