Louella Belle How To Be Successful In 2017

Offer The Latest Beauty Products

With so many beauty businesses on the high street, as well as the demand for at home beauty growing, it’s important to make sure you are offering the latest in beauty trends and treatments. You can still stick to your favourite brands such as Artistic Nail Design and Morgan Taylor, but make sure you are refreshing your collections with every season. You can stay up to date with all our new launches by signing up to our newsletters, and our blog is updated weekly with the must have products of the season.

Prioritise Your Marketing Strategy

To have a successful salon, you need to have clients that receive real value from your services and feel inspired by your brand and what you have to offer. Your marketing strategy should include a range of advertising, promotion and communication.

Advertising works best targeted at new clients as it allows you to tap into a new audience. Why not pair up with your local newspaper to include an advertisement for your salon?

Promotions are a great way to keep your existing clients coming back. A successful way of doing this is by offering a rewards programme, where your client may recommend a friend for a discount, or visit a certain amount of times for a free treatment.

Communicating your brand across a range of platforms is important to ensure you are reaching your audience from every angle. Make sure your salon has clear and identifiable branding, and communicate updates and news via social media to keep your customers in the know. Your most important asset will be your website, so be sure to include vital information such as contact details, pricing and a treatment menu so your clients won’t be inclined to look elsewhere.

Identify Your Niche

The problem facing beauty businesses in 2017 is where too many salons provide almost identical services. Think about the expertise that are around in your salon. You may choose to focus your services on unique nail art, or the option to personalise treatments to suit your clients. Whatever you choose, make sure this stands out amongst all of your marketing strategies.

Develop Long Term Relationships With Your Clients

Today’s consumers want to feel a connection with the products and services that they use. Rather than providing your client with a short, express service, instead offer them a programme of treatments that will help to maintain and enhance the quality of your services. Our Medi-Pedi brand Footlogix creates its whole product line based on exactly this, encouraging the beauty therapist to sit down with their client and discuss their concerns. Using the Footlogix 10 Step Pedicure and the at home care range, clients are encouraged to come back to the salon to maintain their transformational results. Not only is this encouraging your clients to visit time and time again, but there is a great opportunity for retail too!

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