With the lead up to Christmas in full swing, it’s time to kit out your salons with some retail therapy. Not only will a strong retail focus help to increase revenue, but it will improve your interactions and services to clients even once they have left the salon. Take a look at our top tips for making retail work in your salon this Christmas. 

Louella Belle Top Tips Retailing For Your Salon

Eye Level Is Buy Level

Working within a salon or spa environment means you have a huge advantage to create beautiful displays and points of sale, right at your client’s eye level. Here you can catch the attention of your clients throughout their treatment, which will give you plenty of time to go through the features and benefits of the retail products.

Think About Your Retail Displays

Colour is very important in visual merchandising as clients react strongly to it. Silver, gold and black products connote luxury, prestige and sophistication, which is ideal for not only Christmas but the atmosphere salons and spas will want to convey. Even if your products aren’t these colours, you could always include signage or marketing around these products using this colour palette to encourage that luxurious setting.

Clear Product Pricing Is Good Salon Marketing

Non one likes to ask for a price, so make sure all the product information is displayed clearly for your clients to see.

Make The Most Of Your Free Retailing Space

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, so make sure you make the most of your free retail space. Add posters into the window of your salon in different sizes so passers-by can identify a point of difference between your products. Add little Christmas touches also makes your space stand out from your usual setting, which will help show both new and existing customers that you may have more on offer for the festive season ahead.

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