In order to keep your clients coming back to your salon, and to keep them recommending you to their friends and family, you need to provide services and treatments that are tailored to your client. We’ve highlighted a few key points to keep your customers coming back and to spread the word about your salon. 

Louella Belle Customising Clients Experience

Pay Attention To Detail With Customer Service

The services offered at a salon are very personal and require a lot more attention and dedication compared to other service industries. Customers have so many choices when it comes to salons, so make sure you are adding those little touches that will gain customer loyalty. Offer those finishing touches such as a comfortable and relaxing waiting area, or gestures that cost no money at all such as remembering their name and how they like their coffee or tea, or giving them small giveaways or sample products to take away with them.

Reward Loyal Clients

Offering rewards and incentives to regular clients shows them that you value their loyalty and keeps them coming to your salon. A loyalty card scheme is a great way to ensure a client comes back to you for their treatment, so think about offering a free manicure or pedicure once they have visited a certain amount of times. Have you got a new treatment on the menu? Why not invite your loyal customers to come and try it out at a discounted price, this way you will receive honest feedback so you can give the best possible service and you make your loyal customers feel special through a personal invitation.

Set Up A Family & Friends Discount

If your loyal customers are happy with the service they are receiving, chances are they want to tell other people. Offer an incentive for them to do this by offering their family and friends a discount on their first treatment, and rewarding your loyal customers a discount too.

Provide Consultations For Your Clients

Give your clients the time and attention they are looking for and patiently try to understand what their requirements are. This will help you gain client trust and help you provide better customer service as you will know how to deliver the right treatment tailored to each client.

Invest In Customisable Treatments

Following a consultation, you want to make sure that your treatments are customisable to your clients’ needs. Here at Louella Belle we have a number of brands that are recognised for their customisation. Salt Of The Earth is a spa treatment where you can create your own bespoke products and add your clients’ chosen scents based on their requirements. Footlogix also is a completely individual tailored range, offering consultation cards to talk to customers regarding their feet issues, and implementing this through the specialist care of the product range.

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