As the summer season draws in, your clients are ready for their holiday pamper routine. But what about new clients? Find out how to attract new clients to your salon with our top tips. 

Attracting New Clients

Partner Up With Local Businesses

Look for businesses that are targeting the same customer audience as you such as fashion retailers, coffee shops, wedding dress shops and health clubs. That way, you can offer them incentives within your new found relationships, such as a free treatment with a wedding dress purchase, or a free coffee with every manicure. The key to success here is to build and maintain strong relationships with these local businesses, not only will this encourage them to partner up with you for promotions but they will also remember you to recommend to their customers if you do the same.

Revamp and Refresh Your Salon Website

If you want new clients to discover your salon online then you must rank highly on Google. The way to do this is to optimise your website content so that it has everything your prospective clients will need to know. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and includes vital information such as pricing, contact details and location so you can be easily reached. A promotions page also works well to drive new clients onto your website. To make your website more visually appealing, contact our marketing team for visuals on your favourite brands.

Find New Clients On Social Media

Social media alone will not pull in new clients, but it will get your salon more recognised on the sites they visit the most. Use social media as a tool to interact with prospective clients – reply to comments, like their posts and make new contacts on LinkedIn. Best of all, social media allows you to understand your client base and target your marketing around their specifications, enabling your business to grow and develop.

Spread The Word Through Existing Clients

What makes a loyal client want to recommend you to a friend? People will above anything, always remember how you made them feel, so make sure they leave your salon feeling fabulous and refreshed. Trust is also a fundamental way to get new client recommendations, they will want to know that they too will receive a great experience. When getting loyal clients to recommend friends, it’s important to be generous, so think about how you can really make them feel special. Recommendations can also be a great way to understand how to improve your business, so make sure you keep track of new clients that have come through recommendations and send them a short survey to get their feedback.

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