If you’re not blogging already, it’s time to get started! A blog is one of the most valuable tools that a salon has to engage with clients. We’ve highlighted some of our top reasons why blogging for your salon is a must in 2016.

Louella Belle Blogging Tips

Give Your Salon A Voice

A blog is the perfect platform to allow you to express your salon’s personality and professionalism through creative content beyond your website. Whether it’s a staff interview or a focus on a particular treatment you are really passionate about, providing these unique insights into your salon will help your clients relate to your business and more importantly, what you can offer them that other salons can’t.

Optimise Your Chances Of Clients Finding You Online

Your blog will ultimately fuel your SEO. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it, buy making your salon much easier to find online. Every post you publish is a long-term asset that helps build brand awareness and promote your expertise, products and services. Once your clients know about your blog, they are more likely to rely on you for a professional opinion, then come to you for their treatments.

Stay Ahead Of The Trends

Blogging makes you think about newsworthy topics, your industry, your customers and the world around you. Not only will this help to show your customers that you are keeping up with the latest trends, but it will also help you to keep on top of the industry. Staying on top of trends and competitors means you are a leader, not a follower.

Learn About Your Clients

The best part about running a blog is the information it can give back. Analytics will allow you to track readers, click-throughs, popular topics, share and comments. You can even tell what day of the week your clients are tuning in. Information like this is priceless in providing you with more knowledge and understanding about what your clients want more of.

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