Brought to you by the creators of IBX and Dadi’Oil, the new Cinnatize nail cleanser is the latest innovation for nail care.

Using natural cinnamon extract, Cinnatize removes pathogens and has the ability to fight bacteria more organically. By using Cinnatize at the start of your manicures, you can be sure that your clients’ nails are protected from bacteria and infection in just one step.

Due to the citrus based and eco-friendly preservative system, along with the natural Cinnamon extract, Cinnatize will treat the nail more organically, providing a more healthy and natural alternative to other nail cleansers. The best part is, the natural ingredients mean that there is no ‘chalky white’ residue left of the soft tissue after use, which will provide a better application of polish after use.

To use, simply saturate a lint free pad with Cinnatize and scrub the nail plate and surrounding soft tissues thoroughly using firm pressure prior to applying other nail coatings. Cinnatize



236ml: £11.95 + VAT

946ml: £34.95 + VAT

Available from the website, customer services and your sales representative.