Top tips on what to look for when choosing a nail course by Laura Prats, Louella Belle Educator
Choose a course that you feel will help you earn money in your salon or as a mobile. This will give you confidence in an area you are weaker in.

Why is it important to keep learning regardless of experience?
You can learn every time you do a course, in the same way I learn every time I teach. I learn from students. I push myself to ask Sam, our Director of Education, anything I don't know.

Why workshops and seminars can prove valuable for your business 
You are constantly being educated in the very quick and ever changing world of nails. It's important to stay on top of it all.

Top tips for Liquid and Powder application by Elise Scholes-Pilkington, Louella Belle Educator
The basic rules for L&P application:
Ratio is very important and varies from brand to brand, always follow manufacturers instructions to the tee!
Pressing your bead into the nail plate also helps in securing the adhesion.
Keeping a clean and well cared for brush!! Keep it free from set product, if this happens soak in monomer and wipe until it dissolves, always store your brush bristles down or flat NEVER bristles up!

Daily/weekly care routine for hands by Elise Scholes-Pilkington, Louella Belle Educator
Oil is an absolute must! Every day! Dadi’Oil or Artistic’s Revive nourishes the cuticles and the surrounding skin but it also helps keep the nail plate more flexible. A scrub is also a must, regular exfoliation removes dead skin and promoted cell renewal. A good hand cream is a must, keep it by the sink, on your desk or in your handbag.